Should I use LED or HID lights

We often get asked which is better: LED or HID?


In fact we recommend that these lights are used for different pruposes!


LED LIGHTS- are great for distances up to 500+ metres - this is the normal distance required for vehicles that need to see road hazards (read kangas) or dangerous conditions in your normal road / off road vehicle. THis is assuming you aren't trying to break some land speed record in the process! 

         But what about..... Round LED Spotlights vs LED Lightbars?


ROUND LED SPOTLIGHTS- are great LED lights to concentrate the light down the road. Our LED spotlights are also designed to thrown light off the sides to pick up the table drains as well (up to 40m in some models), but the main focus is a focal point down the road.


LED LIGHTBAR- these are great to throwing a bank of light down the road, however there isn't a concentration of the light, therefore you get a broader area covered. Again there is a spread on these lights (up to 60 degress in some models)


HID SPOTLIGHTS- these are best used in a well designed spotlight (like the RALLYEE 4000) and are designed for drivers that need that extra distance to allow for longer stopping times. This typically are heavy road transport users. One draw back of HID is that the ballasts do not handle constant on/off use and there is a 2-3 second delay after turning the lights on. This delay is caused by the arcing process not being instantaneous.


If you are still not sure, contact us here at Predator Lighting, and we will make things alot clearer!