What to look for in LED Worklamps

What to look for when buying LED Worklamps.

LED is the newest and hottest thing in lighting at the moment and many people are confused by all the information out there. I will try and guide you on what to look for when purchasing so you don’t get ripped off. As with purchasing any item “ if it seems too good to be true it probably is “ and there are a lot of shonky sellers out there ready to sell you poor quality products or exaggerate the truth to make their product seem better than others
The best LED is the Cree brand and even there highest output model (XM-L) only produces about 100 lumens per watt, so a 10W LED will produce 1040 lumens maximum. If anyone tells you that their XM-L T6 torch produces 1300 lumens they are lying through their teeth. http://www.cree.com/led-components-and-modules/products/xlamp/discrete-directional/xlamp-xml . How can these people get more out of the LED chip than the factory that makes them can-beware as they may have tampered with the driver to get more light out of the LED and drastically shortening the life span?

Led worklamps is another area that causes problems as some sellers use poor quality LED chips that don’t last so if that’s what you are after go for it. The better quality worklamps have this wave pattern on the housing for better heat reduction where the poor quality ones have the straight pattern. While they might look as bright as the better quality version it won’t last for long and the brightness will fade. Most LED chips are rated to 50,000 hours for 90% brightness; while they will last longer than that the brightness drops off very quickly. 

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