What makes a great Lightbar

All lightbars are not the same! It is important to check:-

  • Are they using the best CREE chips? How do you check? Divide the Lumens output by the total Watts, and if its 90, then you know you have the latest technology.                           
  • Are you getting the strongest light? Always ask for 10W chips! Some Lightbars have 3W or 5W - why reduce the performance by reducing the strength of the light source.              
  • How big are the reflectors? Check out a lighthouse—the bigger the     reflector the more distance you will get!

Have a think about

How does a reflector the size of a 5c piece compete with a reflector the size of a 50c piece, it can't

How does a shallow set LED in the reflector compete with a deeper set LED, it can't

How does a 4 inch spotlight compare with for distance and light output of say a Rallye 4000 or a XGT- they can't and the same principle applys to LED lightbars and spotlights.

The bigger and deeper set LED lightbars and spotlights we sell will always outshine something like the quad row lightbar above. We have designed and engineered our products to suit Australia and our conditions and we are not just selling something because it has a high lumens rating or a cheap price. We only sell high quality products so you dont have problems later down the track which means you are happy and we are happy.

So not all lightbars are created equal, and some lightbars seem to be good value until you check the detail!

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