How We Started

Author: Neto Support  

From humble beginnings!!
In 2004 while making enquiries to purchased a Mazda 3 SP23, I noticed that the same model sold in America had HID headlights as a standard inclusion. This got me thinking!  I purchased a HID kit from eBay and installed the kit. This upgrading made an amazing difference to the brightness and output of my lights.
I then wondered, what would HID be like in a spotlight? Rigorous testing was conducted on many different types of spotlights. In February 2005 I started selling the Hella Rallye 4000 with 55W external ballasts. These ballasts were large, heavy items and difficult to mount. By May 2005 we added the Lightforce XGT conversion kit, converted spotlights and the full range of kits from H1 to 9007 to our range.

New technology was slow to filter down from the factories.  I developed a business relationship with a manufacturing factory which enabled specific ballasts to be made to my specifications.  2006 started the year with the production of slimline 35W ballast and by March had added the 55W ballasts also in a slimline version. Expansion of spotlight specific conversion kits included the IPF range, Narva and Nightstalker spotlights and the rest of the Lightforce range. By 2007 our attention turned to the HID bulb, the tails were made shorter on the base, this ensured easier fitting into some spotlights. Wires were upgraded to soft silicone; as the hard plastic insulation on the high voltage wires did not bend easily, causing fitting problems.

Our non-shadowing bulbs were developed in 2009; by year’s end were a standard inclusion in all of our headlight and spotlight conversion kits sold.
2010 was an exciting and busy year, with mini ballasts in 35 and 55W in production. Modifications of the internal ballasts enabled ease of fitting.  We now use the mini ballast in most of our converted spotlight range. Models with the internal ballasts as a standard feature include the Rallye 4000 (full size), Lightforce XGT and Genesis, IPF XS and standard spotlights. LED worklamps were the emerging product of this year. 15W was the biggest in the market place; it was small, expensive and sometimes poorly made or finished. There was potential for bigger LED worklamps and LED Lightbars. Research and development took nearly 2 years. Valuable feedback from suppliers and customer ensures continual improvement, giving us the confidence to sell a large range of different LED products manufactured to our specification.

Consolidation of product range continued in 2011.

In 2012 we launched to the market the first remote controlled wiring harness with the ability to add a second harness, enabling control of two sets of lights independently or as one. Our wiring harness is plug_and_play, with only 3 wires (1 positive 1 negative and a Hi beam wiretap) to connect under the bonnet.  We finish the power wires with waterproof fittings that plug straight into the wiring harness. We strive to make our products simple and easy to install.
3-4 times a year I visit the factory which manufactures our HID and LED products. Nothing beats face to face meetings; discussions allow development of new products, design ideas and enhancements to our existing products. The personal relationship I have developed with the Sales Manager gives me confidence that best quality products are being supplied. Most products we sell have a 2 year warranty.

The Future!!
Our ongoing Research and Development of LED spotlights and LED Lightbars to our specifications will give us an advantage over other LED products in the market.   
Testing so far on these new products has not measured up to our high quality standards. The models that we have tested so far, are disappointing due to the lack of distance the light travels, yes, they are bright but only for about 100-150 meters.  The projection of HID lights is about 800 meters. Our objective is to shortly release a LED lightbar with a projection of 600 meters and a spread width of 10 meters.   HID will always have a place in our business, but as technology changes, LED is rapidly catching up, and this we see is the way of the future.

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