Rallye 4000


Congratulations on your purchase of this HID conversion kit to suit your HELLA spotlights. The kit comes with everything you need to complete the conversion and should only take about 10-15 minutes to do both spotlights.

Please read the instructions in full before commencing the conversion so that you know what to do in advance and you have a clear picture in your mind about the steps involved.
Unbolt the face plate from the spotlights and separate the reflector and the housing, then disconnect and remove the old bulb and earth wire. Put the new bulb into the reflector and put aside.  Attach the sticky pad to the ballast as shown, taking note of the orientation of the ballast wires to the pad.  Trim the left hand corner (facing up) of the sticky pad and place into housing as shown with the edge of the ballast touching the screw mounting point and the other end touching the rib. The red connection is for the negative (brown) wire, cut the existing fitting off and replace with the red fitting, connect the power wires (blue being Positive) and lay in position as shown. Connect the ballast wires to the bulb and reflector, noting how the wires are arranged at the back of the light.  Insert the reflector and replace face plate and tighten bolts. You are now finished for 1 light so just repeat the process for the other light. 

Test to make sure everything works and adjust the spotlights to the desired pattern and that is it, all finished. The new HID enhanced spotlights will take a little getting used to as reflective signs can be seen up to 3.5 KLM away and sometimes looks like a car coming the other way.

Predator Performance Lighting knows you will love your HID enhanced HELLA spotlights and wish you many years of enjoyment with them. The kit comes with a 12 month full replacement warranty against faulty manufacturing.
If you have any questions we can be contacted via email on sales@predatorlighting.com.au